Sports physiotherapy in Wollongong

Our physiotherapists have worked for GWS Giants in the AFL, national and international rugby teams, national cricket and hockey teams, world record-holding powerlifters, as well as every level of athlete in between. Our promise is to give everyone the same level of care as a professional athlete, even if you are just trying to get fit for tomorrow’s game of social golf.

We treat sportspeople of all ages and abilities, social to professional athletes, and provide an expert level of diagnosis and management of any kind of sports injury.

Our Wollongong based physiotherapists can help by:

  • Identifying the source of your problem and treating this directly
  • Referring for X-rays and scans as required
  • Identifying the causes and predisposing factors
  • Providing effective hands-on techniques to address your problems
  • Providing exercise rehabilitation programs
  • Accelerating your return to sport after injury
  • Decreasing your risk of further injury,
  • And enhancing sporting performance and technique

As frustrated sports participants ourselves, the staff at UPhysio understand how important it is to get pain-free and return to your optimal performance in your chosen sport. Hence, we will work with you, bringing our expert level of care and experience to achieve your goals as soon as possible.