Clinical Pilates at U Physiotherapy Wollongong

Clinical Pilates is a highly individualised form of traditional Pilates practised by physiotherapists. You may have tried traditional Pilates, but you really haven’t had the best experience until you’ve tried Clinical Pilates. There is a growing body of evidence which supports this active approach to rehabilitation. Finally, the research is catching up with what our patients have been telling us for years.

Get that Pilates Body!

Traditional Pilates works everyone in all positions, front/back, left/right equally yet not all of these positions are going to be safe for your body. An exercise that helps one person with their back pain, may actually make someone else, with their different type of back pain, so much worse. Clinical Pilates is very specific to your body. A detailed assessment will be performed by your physiotherapist to determine the exercises that are safe for you and the ones that aren’t. They then tailor a program that is very specific to your body. This minimises the chances of you re-aggravating your injury and ensures that you get the results you need safely and faster.

How is our pilates different?

We have state of the art Clinical Pilates equipment. This trapeze tables, includes reformer beds, Wunda chairs and wobble boards in conjunction with other fun toys like foam rollers, swiss balls and Bosu balls. The equipment actually enhances the Pilates experience and ensures you get the results your body deserves.

We don’t have big group classes where everyone is doing the same thing and you can’t see through to the instructor at the front. Our classes only have 3 people in a group. Those 3 people have different bodies, different problems and different fitness levels so each of them is doing their own individual program under the hawk-eye supervision of their qualified pilates instructor. Our instructors are not personal trainers or gym instructors who have just done a weekend course. Our highly qualified instructors are Physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and members of professional pilates associations.

Pilates is only for women – no way!

We have truck drivers loosening up after lots of kilometres behind the wheel and mums wanting to tone up. We have clients who are working on sports-specific programs to improve their golf or performance in triathlons. Our classes have included HSC students trying to de-stress and stretch after too many hours slouching over a desk and teenage dancers trying to improve their stability and control. Our older clients are working on stretching and improving their balance which gives them a new lease on life and helps to minimise the risk of them falling and maybe sustaining a life-threatening fracture. Our oldest client is in his mid-80s and has improved so much that he no longer needs a walking stick.

Our classes run for 10 weeks through the school term, making it easier for clients with children. Each class runs for an hour and your class is at the same time each week. This makes it much easier to fit your class into your week and it’s also nice to get to know the two other people who are in your class each week. Why not get a few friends together – we only need 3 people to start a new class at a time that suits you. We also offer casual classes in the holidays for existing clients to keep them going over the holiday break.