Chodat Fitness

The company, Chodat Fitness began operating in 2008 after Lukas followed his passion and pursued a career in the fitness industry. The name ‘Chodat’ is the family name of husband and wife duo Lukas and Emily Chodat.

Both Lukas and Emily as well as the extended Chodat team are enthusiastic trainers and all Fitness Australia registered, each providing a comprehensive and goal oriented service based on your individual lifestyle needs and ambitions.

We offer specialist personal training for groups, teams, special events and individuals at indoor and outdoor locations. Our outdoor group training sessions deliver a fitness workout that is achievable for all fitness levels and ages. Held at Flag Staff Hill, South Beach Wollongong, the classes range from interval running and fitness, boxing, cross training, muscle toning, circuit classes, and stretch/core focused programs. Additionally, we offer a great Kids Fun Fitness outdoor group class. Our indoor training venue is iC Health gym if you are looking for a more personalized one on one approach to your training.  No matter what training option you choose, you can guarantee the Chodat Team will be there with you every step of the way to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals.


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