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On your first visit, we’ll take a detailed history of your problem and set out a plan to get the best possible results. We listen to you and together we set the goals that you want to achieve. This might be about being able to be fit enough for a trek overseas or just being able to sleep through the night without pain.

We don't use gimmicky machines. We have a "hands on" approach to your treatment. Your physiotherapy treatment may involve deep soft tissue releases, joint mobilisation, massage and stretching. Our time is spent exclusively with you and we don’t see multiple patients at once. All our Physiotherapists have undergone extensive training and have a huge repertoire of techniques available to get you back on track quickly.

As your pain eases and movement improves we will add a graduated exercise program that is very specific to your body and injury. This enables you to have a great long term result. This may involve a home exercise program, exercises in our gym, Clinical Pilates.

We look for the root cause of your problem not just the presenting symptoms. Many less experienced physiotherapists may just treat a patient's hip for bursitis but miss the underlying cause of the problem. We go further and help fix the underlying lack of pelvic control that is actually the cause of the problem.

We pride ourselves on patient education. We want lasting results, not quick fixes. We want you to understand your injury, what steps you can take to make it better and then how to avoid it recurring. If in the future you reinjure your knee after "busting some moves on the dance floor" on a Saturday night, we want you to know what things you can do to start to fix it straight away. Our aim is not to have you be reliant on us to "put things back in" but to be in control of your body.


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