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Welcome to U Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates Wollongong

We are open through the Coronavirus crisis

This is a challenging time. Unresolved pain issues and staying home with reduced exercise can actually increase your odds of getting sick; so we are open for business.

It is safe to visit us

Remember that we are not like a doctor’s clinic: We don't have sick people waiting around.

Our patients typically see us because they are suffering from pains, aches and limited physical movement; not because they suspect they may have COVID-19.

It is safer to be in our clinic than supermarkets, restaurants or public transport.

Also, remember that the “stay at home” order does not apply when attending essential health services at our clinic.

If you are well, please come in for your appointments, knowing that we are taking all steps to keep you safe and well while visiting our clinic. The safety of our patients and staff is absolutely critical.

  • We have plenty of room: You won't be within 2m of anyone else except your physiotherapist.
  • You cannot catch the virus by someone touching your back, knee etc.
  • Pilates beds have been moved apart and you will be staying on your own piece of equipment.
  • We have taken extra measures of separating all our therapists and admin staff into teams who will not be working shifts with each other. This way, if someone ever does test positive, there will be another team ready to look after you.
  • Cleaning continues to be super vigilant and hand sanitiser is compulsory for everyone.

U Physio Wollongong - exterior photoPilates Wollongong studioU Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates Wollongong is the CBD sister clinic of U Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates, Unanderra who has been successfully treating patients in the Illawarra since 1992. To be around this long we must be doing something right! We love the fact that we really get to build a relationship with our patients. The kids we used to look after with their sports and growing injuries are now back bringing their own families in for treatment.

We are well recognised industry leaders for physiotherapy in Wollongong. We have worked with international and national teams in rugby, AFL and cricket as well as at the Olympics and in the Defence force. We bring our expertise from this work to help get you back on track as quickly and safely as possible.

We obviously want you to achieve a great outcome but really want you to have a great experience along the way. Our staff will strive to make your time at our practice as enjoyable as possible.

Every patient is equally important. Whilst we do treat elite athletes they are no more important than the "weekend warrior" or the patient with their post op knee replacement. You won't be taking second place to sporting teams. We have the expertise to treat kids with growing pains right through to our stiffening older population. We really enjoy the diversity and variety of problems that we see.

As you improve we add a graduated exercise program that is very specific to your body and injury. This may involve a home exercise program, exercises in our gym, or Clinical Pilates.

We have a state of the art Clinical Pilates gym where we run classes with only 3 people to a group. Everyone is performing an individualised program as everyone's body is different and this gives you the best results in the safest way.

We want lasting results, not quick fixes. We want you to understand your injury, what steps you can take to make it better and then how to avoid it recurring.

Our aim is not to have you be reliant on us to put things back in but to be in control of your body.

All our Physiotherapists have undergone extensive training and have a huge repertoire of techniques available to get you back on track quickly.

We look for the root cause of your problem, not just the presenting symptoms.

It's all about U at U physio.

Take away your pain

If you're reading this then you, or someone close to you, is in pain. We will quickly help to relieve that pain in the short term. More importantly, together, we will develop a long term solution to your problem.

Tailored to you

Each injury is different. Everybody is different. We will develop a treatment plan that is specific to you and get you the best possible results.

Private. Respectful.

We treat you with the utmost respect. You will be provided with a gown to retain your modesty. Our treatments are private. No curtained off cubicles here!

You set the goals

Everyone's goals are different depending on your stage of life, level of fitness and the type of injury. We want to help you achieve the outcome you want, whether it be taking up triathlons, getting back to work or being able to lift the grandkids.

Pain relief for the long term

We provide genuine injury rehabilitation to achieve lasting results. We can teach you how your body works and provide you with strategies to make sure you protect it from injuries in the future.

Individual treatment, hands on

We pride ourselves on a 'hands on' approach without a focus on gimmicky machines and only treat one person at a time. We take time to listen to your problem and treat all injuries with the same importance, and same level of care.

Brand new practice

Our beautiful new practice building looks fabulous and has state of the art equipment. It is easily accessible by bus, including the free bus and parking is available in the council car park behind us.

You DON'T need a doctor's referral

The sooner you make an appointment the faster and better the results. If your treatment is being paid for by Worker's compensation, Third party or DVA then a doctor's referral is required. You may be eligible for a EPC plan from your doctor which allows you to have some treatments subsidised by Medicare.


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